The RM Motors company was established in 2008 out of passion for automotive and motorsport. 


Later we started to produce downpipe and sport mufflers. Our offer was constantly expanding and company was growing fast. We have introduced catalysts, catalyst inserts, tipsm exhaust systems and many other accessories for modifying exhaust systems.

We are a Polish company with several years of tradition. The basics we follow from the beginning of Company existence are: the quality and aesthetic of workmenship. We focus on the young ambitious people, to whom we provide access to the latest technologies and thus we give ourselves to develop. We have a wide automated machine park, however its is a factor human is of the greatest importance for us. We value commitment, ingenuity and creativity. At the moment, our crew is about 50 people.


All RM Motors products are made in Poland


All our stainless steel products are manufactured directly in our company (in Dywity, voiv. Warmińsko-Mazurskie), as well as all desing and technology takes place ath the company’s headquarters. Thanks to local production, there is no problem with warranty, possible complaint, which may be difficult to enforce in the case of imported  products mostly produced in China only branded in the importer’s country. At work, we use the latest available technologies, including: • scanner and 3d printers, • programs for the design and operation of CAD / CAM / NX cnc machines, • automated sales and ERP production management program, • CNC laser and water cutter, • CNC milling machines and lathes, • pipe benders, CNC sheet coilers, • welding robot in TIG technology, • and many others ...






RM Motors in the world markets

We try to respond to the needs of the market and our clients and provide them with access to a wider and wider range of products, systematically introducing newer and newer products.

In addition to operating in Poland, our range covers all European countries and many from outside Europe such as Reunion, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zeland… 



in Europe, we have several exclusive distributors for countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Spain and Portugal. 


Cooperation with RM Motors

We also work with many construction workshops and garages custom exhaust systems. We offer an attractive discount system covering four main rebate threshholds. We have clients who do during the quarter jumped on the highest rebate threshold, which we congratulate and cheer on the rest. We invite new companies to cooperate.