Through-flow silencer with vacuum valve


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A stainless steel silencer with a built-in damper
Can height / width - 130x220 mm
Valve type - Vacuum

Can length : 300 mm
Inlet diameter : 63,5 mm
Side : Left
Valve type : vacuum
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Through-flow muffler with vacuum valve.

Muffler dimensions:

Length of silencer box - 350 mm

Total length - 600 mm.

The throttle allows you to choose between quiet and loud mode, so the muffler will work well both on the track to emphasize the sound of the engine, as well as on the highway for longer drives.

Through-body silencer:
- Made entirely from polished T304 stainless steel
- Fully welded, hand-finished
- Each element made in CNC technology
- Fully manufactured in Poland

- 24 months warranty

Silencer interior consists of:
- Stainless steel perforated tube
- Stainless steel wool resistant to 1100 degrees Celsius
- Fire resistant glass mat with full hair
- Stamped bottom plate resistant to cracking

Kit includes:
- silencer with valve (left or right)
- control unit with two remote controls
- cables


Data sheet

Valve type
Reference Can length Inlet diameter Side Valve type Price Add to cart
PROM.E400/76/300/L 300 mm 76 mm Left - 1,550.00 zł
PROM.E400/63/300/P 300 mm 63,5 mm Right - 1,550.00 zł
PROM.E400/76/300/P 300 mm 76 mm Right - 1,550.00 zł
PROM.E400/63/300/L 300 mm 63,5 mm Left vacuum 1,550.00 zł
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