Project title:

POPW.01.04.00-28-0049/19 "Increasing the competitiveness of RM Motors s.c. through the implementation of design audit recommendations"

Project Objective:

The main objective of the project is to increase RM Motors' competitiveness in the market by implementing the recommendations indicated in the design strategy.

Project Objective:

The project in question will enable the company to achieve the following results:

1. implementation of three new products: downpipe, mounting system, muffler.

2. implementation of one existing product with a refreshed design - exhaust pipe tips.

3. creation of a new corporate image.

4. implementation of changes within the organizational structure of the company.

5. changes and improvements within the processes.

The achievement of the above-mentioned effects will directly translate into a competitive advantage. In addition, the project in question will enable the company to achieve material results in the form of the purchase of fixed assets and intangible assets (technological innovation). Implementation of the project will also bring economic benefits, which will be directly related to financial results, i.e. revenues from the sale of new products.

Total value:

8 017 140,00 PLN

Value of eligible costs:

 4 314 000,00 PLN


2 999 800,00 PLN