We offer a service for regeneration of catalytic converters, which involves welding a new catalytic converter cartridge into the original housing ( manifold ).

For regeneration we use AWG Polonez products, it is a Polish manufacturer of catalytic converters operating since 1999.

We offer catalytic converters from this manufacturer and catalytic converter inserts. 

Catalytic converters with metal inserts that meet the emission standards from euro 2 to euro 5 with a standard capacity of 500 cpsi, and sport catalytic converters with a capacity of 100 and 200 cpsi. 

We have regular and sport cartridges with a diameter of 80 to 150 mm from euro 2 to euro 5. 

Each catalytic converter is warranted for 12 months or a mileage of up to 50,000 km ( depending on what comes faster). 

AWG Polonez catalytic converters with a metal insert are characterized by greater resistance to mechanical damage and to the increased temperature of the catalytic converter for cars with gas installation.

Regeneration consists in replacing the original used cartridge with a new one by cutting out the old one and welding a new one into the original housing. We have the appropriate tooling and technology to ensure that the catalytic converter after cutting and welding will still be intact and will fit perfectly and the only visible trace will be a thin aesthetic weld on the catalytic converter housing, which is done in place of the original one.

The basic symptom of a worn catalytic converter is the display of an error on the dashboard. In a defective car, the most common cause of the light is simply the wear of the catalytic cartridge involving the depletion of elements that react with the exhaust gas neutralizing it. In the case of a malfunctioning injection, ignition or intake system, malfunctions such as clogging or cracking or burning of the catalytic converter cartridge can occur. This is usually accompanied by increased fuel consumption, decreased power and also strange noises from around the catalytic converter housing.

If the catalytic converter housing is functional and the catalytic converter core does not have some contrived specific rare shape, then there are practically no contraindications to regenerate such a catalytic converter.

The cost of regeneration alone ( welding 1pc of the insert ) costs about 250 PLN ( gross ). In addition, the cost of the catalyst cartridge, which depends on the emission standard and diameter.

If only we have the right cartridge in stock then regeneration takes 1-2 business days ( usually most of the popular cartridge sizes we have on the stock )

The right catalytic converter cartridge will allow you to enjoy more years of trouble-free driving. The original catalytic converter housing is a durable enough construction that it will survive even a few times to replace the cartridge. However, the metal construction of the catalytic converter insert will make it more resistant to higher exhaust gas temperatures ( in the case of gas installation ) and to any mechanical damage.

For regeneration, we use catalytic blocks of metal construction tested for emissions at the diagnostic station. We offer a wide range of catalytic cartridges with emission standards from Euro 2 to Euro 5. There are round and elliptical-shaped cartridges available, but most cars have round cartridges with a diameter of 80 to 140 mm.

In order to regenerate the catalytic converter, you need to deliver the dismantled catalytic converter with a complete housing. Upon receipt, we conduct an analysis of the condition of the catalyst cartridge. ( Often in the case of catalytic converters with a double insert, only one of them is destroyed, usually the front one, and it is not necessary to replace the entire set. However, in the case of normal wear and tear due to the higher mileage of the car, it is often worth replacing two cartridges at once, because it is normal that with increasing mileage and wear of the elements, the efficiency of the catalytic converter decreases. ) Then the cost of the service is priced and the lead time is given. The entire regeneration process is documented and the materials are provided to the indicated e-mail address. We send the damaged catalytic converter inserts back to the customer by courier along with the regenerated part.

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