Complete exhaust system for Volskwagen Golf 7 VII GTI with sport catalyst


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Complete RM Motors exhaust system for Volskwagen Golf VII 7 GTI
2.0 TSI
220, 230, 265 bhp

Downpipe diameter - 76 mm
Exhaust pipe diameter - 63.5 mm

Emission standard : Euro 3
Capacity : 100 cpsi
Tip diameter : 89 mm
Exhaust tip : 1
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Complete dedicated exhaust system for the Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI

The kit includes:
- Downpipe with EURO 3 or EURO 4 catalyst
- Circular pre-silencer
- Middle muffler with exhaust throttle that allows you to choose between loud and quiet modes
- End pipes
- 2 carbon fiber exhaust tips
- control unit to control the exhaust flap
- 2 remotes
- All wiring for connection

AWG Polonez catalyst 

What is EURO norme?

the standard of permissible exhaust emissions in new vehicles sold in the European Union and the European Economic Area. These standards were developed in a series of European Directives, which gradually increased their restrictiveness. Higher standard catalysts have better exhaust filtering properties and reduce more particles in the exhaust gas.

What is capacity (cpsi)?

The cpsi value literally means the number of cells per square inch - the more cells there are, the smaller they are, and therefore, the lower the cpsi value, the more permeable the catalyst itself. For the best possible flow, we recommend that you use a catalyst with the lowest cpsi value possible.

Thanks to the exhaust throttle, the system will be used on longer journeys in a quiet version, and on the track, emphasizing the sound of the engine.

Thanks to the use of a dedicated exhaust system, installation is easy and there is no need for additional fittings.

The system is entirely made of stainless steel (T304, X5CrNi18-10, 1.4301, AISI 304, 0H18N9). Each element of the product is made using CNC technology. The product has a 24-month manufacturer's warranty.



Data sheet

Pipe diameter
76 mm / 3"

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